Our Partner Program provides an opportunity for companies to join our partner ecosystem and extend their offerings as well as ours, increase user adoption, impact customer satisfaction, and optimize sales. Together, we can bring real value to the organizations looking to get the most out of their talent management solutions.
On your initial phone conversation with the Eduorbis staff, you will learn about the biz opportunity and the future potential. We will introduce you to our growth trends, and your potential role as a business associate and furnish you details explaining the opportunity.
Before moving forward, we expect our business associates to fill out our basic information form. It’s important for us to understand a little bit about your background and motivations to ensure that Eduorbis will be the right fit. All information received is confidential, and the brief form is not a contract.
Your personal development associate will speak with you about the multiple support teams that Eduorbis has to offer. For example, our in-house art-department, our advanced local marketing team, and our 24/7 call center .
Once we feel that you qualify as a business associate, the VP of Eduorbis will work with you directly to create a beneficial territory map of your prospective location.
An ideal business opportunity for……..
– Owners of internet cafe
– Computer Education Institutes
– Entrepreneurs willing to start own business
– Existing Coaching classes/institutes
– Any individual /organization from the education field

To Join the Eduorbis TEAM ………

Opendev Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
4, Anurekha, Near Tathawade Udyan,
Pune 411052, INDIA
Tel. +91 744 779 2505 / + 91 9765492523
Email :info@eduorbis.com
Website :www.eduorbis.com