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Multilingual Courses

Variety of multilingual courses are available


Time based lessons

Course lessons with specific time duration.


Statistics and Reports

Graphical representation of course reports.


Multimedia Questions

Different Questions types with multimedia contents.


Get overall information about site.Displays activity, Last unread messages, Statistics of student showing Finished Courses, Finished Units, Finished Quizzes, Finished Assignments.Small widget for creating and saving to do tasks in dashboards

This free online course will explore multilingual education.Our languages are a fundamental piece of who we are as people. They are instruments of correspondence and are frequently a wellspring of poise and of human pride.

Our simple curriculum navigation supports student progress through individual Sections and Units. 

Simple way of solving Quizzes to get results and statistics. Different Question Types Single choice, multiple choice, sorting, matching, essay, fill-in-the-blank. Limit and track the amount of time users spend taking a quiz.

Monitor student completion progress to identify opportunities for course updates, and students who need extra support.

Understudies with a completely versatile responsive site designed for learning on the go.


Variety of courses online to meet the needs of students school, work, and home. Whether you are interested in information technology or aptitude, ecology or marketing, any health or food recipes you will find a course to interest you! EduOrbis courses are available in different languages. There are some quizzes for you after studying course,you can also get statistics report of your studying courses.